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 Recommended Puppy Supplies

1. 36 X 24 crate

2. Fleece crate bed

3. Slicker Brush and metal comb

4. quality shampoo

5. Ear Cleaner and powder, check with your Vet as they each carry their own brand. 

6. Dog food: This is very important!  Use a high quality dog food, preferably grain free, no fillers 

7. Treats: Natural Balance brand, Bully sticks, Zanies Brand chew toys, Nylabones, Kongs, deer antlers, edible treats..grain free, no fillers

8. Natures Miracle or Urineoff are both good cleaners for those accident cleanups!

These are just recommendations, check with your trainer for any other suggestions!

Another recommended site to buy all your puppy products in one place is


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