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Grooming recommendations for your Labradoodle:


  Your Labradoodle has an amazing coat that does not require a lot of grooming but some.  Weekly brushing is important to maintain a tangle free coat. Bathing is not something that needs to be done often.  Their coats do not hold dirt so if they do get muddy just put them in a limited area until dry and dirt will fall off or brush out very easy.

Ears:  It is important to keep their ears clean and free of hair.  A good time to check them is while brushing them out. 

Clipping:  Since your Labradoodle does not shed the recommended length to keep your doodles coat is approximately 2-3 inches.  When having them clipped I like to have the hair on their paws trimmed back as well to prevent dirt from coming in on their paws.

As your puppy begins to lose its puppy coat you will need to have its coat clipped at that time to prevent the puppy coat from matting into the adult coat coming in.

If you have additional questions about grooming feel free to contact me anytime, I am always ready for doodle talk!!

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