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The following things are included when adopting a Willow Oak Labradoodle puppy:

Worming and vaccinations at the appropriate age.   

ALAA registration for labradoodle puppies.  Your puppy will come with registration papers, however you must become a non breeder member of the ALAA in order to transfer the registration papers into your name. You will receive your registration papers once your puppy has been spayed/neutered


Health Warranty/Contract (please read Health Guarantee)

Puppy Health Record (Certification from Vet)

Introduction to crate training

Puppy goody bag

Lifetime Support

  My commitment to my customers is to provide them with the puppy of their dreams. It is very easy to fall in love with a picture but most critical that the right puppy is chosen by you to suit the families needs based on personality and temperament.  I ask that you give me as much feed back as possible about your families needs. That will help me assist you in choosing the best puppy for your family. If for any reason you cannot keep the puppy I will assist you in placement and relocation of the puppy.  Please see the puppy application process to adopt a puppy!

Thank you for considering Willow Oak Labradoodles!